Innovative Exterior Signage Trends for a Modern and Memorable Look

In 2022, innovative exterior signage trends will help to create a modern and memorable look for your business. This is because outdoor signage can have a powerful effect on boosting brand recognition and drawing customers to your business.

Creating an eye-catching and memorable appearance for your sign is crucial to its effectiveness, but it also has to match its surroundings. This is why we always begin a design process with a site review to ensure your signs will blend in seamlessly with their environment.

From LED lighted boards to custom building signage, these unique exterior designs come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. They can range from simple rectangular signs to dimensional displays and even monument structures that can draw in large crowds.

A-Frame and Hanging Banners: Portable and easy to set up, these signs are a great choice for sidewalks and other locations with high foot traffic. They are available in a range of sizes and materials, including vinyl and waterproof PVC.

Posters: Affordable and easy to put up, posters are perfect for short-term promotions. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as different finishes like matte or smooth.

Neon Signs: These colorful signs have remained a popular advertising tool for businesses since the early 1950s. They are a great way to get your company name and logo in front of customers, and they are very effective when used in busy areas.

Architectural Signage: This type of outdoor signage is an ideal way to compliment your business’s architecture. We can work with your architect to design, produce and install a variety of these signs.

Directional and Wayfinding Signs: These exterior signs are a vital part of helping people find their way around your business. They are a great way to communicate the location of your business to passing traffic and customers, and they are often a great place to announce special events and deals.

Lighted Commercial Boards: These types of commercial signage can be made with a wide range of materials, from aluminum to steel. They can have an illuminated logo or a company name and are designed to withstand weather conditions for years.

Integrated Lighting: The right lighting can dramatically change the mood of any sign and elevate it to something spectacular. At Envision Orlando, we have extensive experience in the production and installation of electrical and neon signs, finding the best lighting techniques for each of our clients’ specific needs.

Neon Signs for an Eye-Catching and Memorable Look: As with any other type of sign, neon signs need to be eye-catching and memorable. This is why we have developed a range of innovative techniques to help bring out the essence and personality of your business in an unforgettable way.

From classic roadside billboards to modern thru-glass digital touchscreens, strategically placed outdoor signage remains a marketing cornerstone for many industries. Its promotional power is unmatched, and its durability makes it a great investment.

It is best to work with the best sign company in Austin that can help you choose the perfect type of exterior signage for your business. They can also recommend the proper materials, color palette and lighting options to ensure your business signs are attractive, visible and reflect your brand.