Tips For Designing Outdoor Signs That Helps Your Business Standout From Competition

Using high-quality outdoor signs can help your business stand out among competitors. The most effective signs tell people where you are located and what you have to offer. They feature your business name and logo, which create brand recognition and a sense of familiarity. Other business signs may feature testimonials or awards, which reinforce your credibility and trustworthiness. They can also advertise your exclusive products or highlight your company’s value proposition. Here are some tips for designing your outdoor signs.

Choose the location of your outdoor signs carefully. The best place to put outdoor signs is on every wall facing traffic. This way, they’ll cover more ground. Make sure to use bold letters and colors for maximum attention. You can also use clever design to incorporate your sign into the wall, which will immediately grab the attention of passersby. The most important thing when designing an outdoor sign is to think of its size and placement. Your company’s name should be visible from far away.

Choose a shape that complements your business’s logo and brand identity. Custom shapes can make your signs stand out among competitors. Choose a banner that carries your logo and incorporates a color scheme to match your company’s branding colors and style. A banner is perfect for events that take place only once and can be used repeatedly. An outdoor sign can be displayed on a fence, pole, or even on a car. Adding an edge treatment will make your signage look classier.

Proper care is important for long-lasting signs. Make sure to clean the surrounding area regularly, because dirt and leaves can cause damaging streaks on the signs. Clean the sign with a soft cloth and fine-grit sandpaper. For larger signs, consider using a high-quality aluminum sign. If you need a sign that’s waterproof, you can find an excellent option in high-density urethane.

When implementing a marketing strategy for your business, make sure that it includes outdoor signs. While they may seem costly at first, they pay off in the long run. You will benefit from the exposure they offer and will likely see more traffic. If you’re in South Chicago, Mark Your Space can help you with a variety of signage solutions. Contact a sign expert today to find the perfect sign for your business. You’ll be glad you did.